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Coronavirus in Bulgaria. How serious is it?

The unknown type of virus was discovered in China in December 2019. This news has spread all over the world. The official name for new infection is Coronavirus (COVID-19). The disease has already affected almost 90 thousand Chinese and spread outside the country. Currently, the main focuses of infection are: Italy (12,462), Iran (10,075), North Korea (7,800), France (2,284), Spain (2,277). Bulgaria's close geographical position to EU countries has become a cause of concern both for the residents and guests.

Baba Marta and magical martenitsa bracelet

Springtime in Bulgaria is closely related with celebrating «Baba Marta» holiday, as well as gifting friends and relatives with homemade traditional bracelets. Warm weather comes to Balkans very early, sun warms up every day more and more, nature wakes up, snowdrops blooms, but any moment the cold can return. Changeable weather conditions are reflected in the folk spirit character — Baba Marta.

Things to do in Bansko (continue)

The previous article tells about time spending options in Bansko within the city limits. Further, we'll present 10 more TO DO tips for those who ready to drive a bit away, using personal or public transport.

Things to do in Bansko

Everyone knows that skiing and snowboarding is definitely the main entertainment in winter Bansko. Accordingly, from December to March, the city is filled with fans of white sport. In the morning they hurry to the ski lift, and in the evening, after dinner and some rest, they already dream about the next day in mountains.

They say, that real sports fans are walking directly from the ski lift to a hotel and backward, saving energy and not being distracted by anything else. However, some tourists are get bored in the small city, we hope this article will be useful to them. So, 20 things to do in winter Bansko are listed below.

Pyrlenka recipe & story

Pyrlenka (пърленка) is a sort of traditional Bulgarian pastry, as well as mekitsi, banitsa, tumannik, pita and katmi. Roughly speaking, pyrlenka is a flatbread cooked in a special way, something between pancake, loaf and flatcake. Few people know that pyrlenka name came from Bulgarian word «пърлене», which means «scorch». Most of the Bulgarians are quite conservative, especially when it comes to food, so none of the local holiday feast is complete without homemade pyrlenka.

Online web cams in Bansko

Bulgarian ski resort Bansko is welcoming guests for the 2019–2020 season. The official opening is scheduled for December 13, 2019. Here you can find a broadcast from the online cameras, installed on the mountain Todorka in Bansko. Webcams showing the weather conditions of the slopes in real time: Todorka, Plateau, Shiligarnika, Banderishka Polyana, Chalin valog and Ski Route. If you're going to ride today or tomorrow, check the snow on the tracks right now!

All the truth about properties in Bansko (continue)

The previous article listed the main Bansko districts with its most important features. In addition, general property types were named, also the topic of poor maintenance problems were raised. This part will describe the issues of typical apts planning, specify the question of electricity supply, tells about «quality» of local realtors and lawyers services, answer the question of where any why the maintenance fee disappear.

All the truth about Bansko real properties

The next ski season in Bulgaria is coming close and a small pretty village Bansko is going to welcome guests again. People come here for skiing, Christmas vacation or spending some time far from city noise. Many of the tourists, fascinated by snow-capped mount peaks, start thinking about purchasing a property in Bansko, but in vain. The author of the article would like to share his tragic experience and warn all the future customers.

Christmas Fair in Sofia is opened

The New Year's fair was opened at 22nd of November in the very heart of Bulgaria. It's also known a Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt Sofia 2019 or «Немски Коледен Базар». The event takes place in the central park of Sofia city, near the square «Prince Alexander I» / «Княз Александър I». The fair is opened daily from November 22 till December 22, from 11 am — 10 pm.

There are about 20 trading booths in the park, decorated with pine branches and lights. Traditional German fast food is on the menu: hot dogs, pork ribs, waffles, fried potatoes, strudel, almonds in caramel, shaped chocolate. Craft beer (draft and bottled), raspberry-flavored hot wine and non-alcoholic punch are among the offered drinks. Certainly, in addition to snacks there are plenty of handmade Christmas toys and decorations. The entrance is free, however prices for food and souvenirs are quite high, comparing to local.

Black Friday in Bulgaria 2019

Last year we reviewed the shops, participating in Black Friday promotion in Bulgaria. This year is no exception, and we prepared a list of stores, where you can get some discounts in November 2019.