Online web cams in Bansko

Bulgarian ski resort Bansko is welcoming guests for the 2019–2020 season. The official opening is scheduled for December 13, 2019. Here you can find a broadcast from the online cameras, installed on the mountain Todorka in Bansko. Webcams showing the weather conditions of the slopes in real time: Todorka, Plateau, Shiligarnika, Banderishka Polyana, Chalin valog and Ski Route. If you're going to ride today or tomorrow, check the snow on the tracks right now!

Todorka | 2550m

web Todorka

Plato | 2200m

web Plato

Shiligarnik | 1730m

web Shiligarnik

Banderishka Polyana | 1620m

web Banderishka Polyana

Chalin Valog | 1200m

web Chalin Valog

Bansko | 990m

web Bansko