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Bansko. Winter season 2023

Bansko is a small town located in southwestern Bulgaria and is known for its stunning mountain scenery, modern ski facilities and a vibrant nightlife.

Things to do in Bansko (continue)

The previous article tells about time spending options in Bansko within the city limits. Further, we'll present 10 more TO DO tips for those who ready to drive a bit away, using personal or public transport.

Things to do in Bansko

Everyone knows that skiing and snowboarding is definitely the main entertainment in winter Bansko. Accordingly, from December to March, the city is filled with fans of white sport. In the morning they hurry to the ski lift, and in the evening, after dinner and some rest, they already dream about the next day in mountains.

They say, that real sports fans are walking directly from the ski lift to a hotel and backward, saving energy and not being distracted by anything else. However, some tourists are get bored in the small city, we hope this article will be useful to them. So, 20 things to do in winter Bansko are listed below.

Online web cams in Bansko

Bulgarian ski resort Bansko is welcoming guests for the 2019–2020 season. The official opening is scheduled for December 13, 2019. Here you can find a broadcast from the online cameras, installed on the mountain Todorka in Bansko. Webcams showing the weather conditions of the slopes in real time: Todorka, Plateau, Shiligarnika, Banderishka Polyana, Chalin valog and Ski Route. If you're going to ride today or tomorrow, check the snow on the tracks right now!

Rhodope narrow gauge railway. Construction history

Previous article tells about modern Rhodope train features, also presenting timetable and prices. Now we would like to describe the historical background of narrow gauge railway and tell the story of its construction.

Banya mineral pools review

Ski season is coming to Bansko, so we decided to tell you about relaxing mineral pools nearby. The closest place is Banya village. It located at southwestern Bulgaria, beside Pirin mountain range in 10 minutes from Bansko. Local legend says, that during the ancient times Roman warriors were also recovering here. Nowadays Banya's springs are popular among skiers and snowboarders.

How to get to «Todorka eyes» lakes

Todorka peak (2.745 m) is a part of Pirin mountain range, located in southwestern Bulgaria. On the eastern slope of Todorka there are trails of Bansko ski resort. While on the western slope, at an altitude of 2,536 m, there are two lakes, called by locals «ochite na Todorka», which means «eyes of Todorka». However, there is another funny name, given by russian hikers «kidneys of Todorka». While the official geographical names of these lakes are Gorno and Dolno Todorino. A scenic pathway leads from Vihren hut to Todorka lakes. Route is medium difficulty, suitable even for hiking beginners. The time of round trip is approximately 7 hours.

How to get to Polezhan peak?

Starting point of the route is a village Dobrinishte. Further road passes along the mountain serpentine (2 km) to the chairlift. Dobrinishte lift works daily (all year round) from 8:30 am till 4:45 pm. Prices and detailed schedule can be found in the previous article. It's very important to keep track of time during the walk. If you'll late to the elevator, there are two possibilities: stay at the Bezbog hut (15-20 lv per night) or pay for the off-road taxi (can be quite expensive).

Chalet and peak Bezbog

Cело Добринище получило свою известность благодаря одноимённому горнолыжному курорту (расположенному в 10 км на горе). Зимой и летом кресельный фуникулёр поднимает туристов на высоту 2236 м. Конечная остановка — Хижа Безбог, является отправной точкой для многих пеших туристических маршрутов: Попово озеро, пики Полежан, Джангал и Стражите, хижи Пирин и Демяница, заслон Тевното озеро и даже город Мелник. В этой статье будет рассказано о том, как самостоятельно пройти по маршруту до пика Безбог.