Baba Marta and magical martenitsa bracelet

Springtime in Bulgaria is closely related with celebrating «Baba Marta» holiday, as well as gifting friends and relatives with homemade traditional bracelets. Warm weather comes to Balkans very early, sun warms up every day more and more, nature wakes up, snowdrops blooms, but any moment the cold can return. Changeable weather conditions are reflected in the folk spirit character — Baba Marta.

Rhodope narrow railway train. Timetable, tickets, prices

A term «narrow railway» is directly related to the width of track gauge. In Bulgaria this type of railway is called a «tight ruler» (теснолинейка). Narrow railway is easier to build and cheaper to operate. The space between the rails in the Rhodope narrow gauge is only 760 mm, while the standard track size is 1520 mm. «Septemvri — Dobrinishte» is a last part of an old narrow gauge in Bulgaria.

How Halloween is celebrated in Bulgaria?

They say, Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve based on old English traditions (Irish, to be precise). The name itself is derived from the phrase «Evening of All Saints». Probably, this holiday came to Bulgaria because of its close location to the European countries, where Halloween is celebrated particularly active. All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated on the evening of October 31st.