2023 Women's Ski Competition

Bansko, Bulgaria played host to the 2023 Women's Ski Competition, which saw some of the world's best female skiers battling it out on the slopes. The competition was fierce and the conditions were perfect, with clear skies and a well-groomed mountain providing the perfect backdrop for the event.

Coronavirus in Bulgaria. How serious is it?

The unknown type of virus was discovered in China in December 2019. This news has spread all over the world. The official name for new infection is Coronavirus (COVID-19). The disease has already affected almost 90 thousand Chinese and spread outside the country. Currently, the main focuses of infection are: Italy (12,462), Iran (10,075), North Korea (7,800), France (2,284), Spain (2,277). Bulgaria's close geographical position to EU countries has become a cause of concern both for the residents and guests.