How to climb to Bezbog peak in winter

Bezbog peak is located in the Pirin mountain range, the nearest settlement is Dobrinishte village. Rote is suitable for beginners as the easiest and safest. If you never hike to winter mountains and have no idea what awaits you upstairs this article is for you. We'll tell about how to climb to Bezbog peak by your own.

Chairlift brings you to the Bezbog chalet, this is the beginning of the track to the peak. Riding the lift is very cold, as it's open while the way runs in the shade. Foam pad for comfortable sitting is recommended. Lift working hours: 8.30 a.m. — 4.15 p.m. Round-trip ticket price BGN 18. In winter, way to Bezbog peak takes around 1-2 hours, downhill takes half less.


  • Walking sticks
  • Ski/snowboarding suit or any comfortable winter outfit for a long walk
  • Mittens, hat or headband
  • Mask or sun glasses
  • Mountain boots or any comfortable warm shoes. Long socks, extra pair of socks
  • Coin to leave on peak

Special mountain ice boots with spikes are not required. Mainly, because Bezbog peak is quite popular route and the road is well trodden (almost everywhere). Nevertheless, from time to time, your legs will fall through the snow crust. Especially on the way back, so we advise you to wear long socks (for ski) and take an extra pair for changing. Bulgarian sun warms even in winter, so dress appropriately: be ready to take off some of your clothes. Take a bagpack to carry clothes.


In winter, track mark are hidden under the snow. However, as mentioned earlier, this route is quite popular and the path is clearly visible. If you visited Bezbog peak in the summer, keep in mind that in winter the track is slightly different and shorter. Do not be afraid of a sharp rise at the very beginning — further road is much simple. With each meter you pass, the view of the Pirin Mountains becomes more and more spectacular. We advise you to set off as early as possible. Snow crust, freezed during the night, start to melt because of sun. So, it becomes more difficult to step.


Bezbog peak is always windy. Upstairs you will find a big metal cross (traditional Bulgarian approach for marking peaks), a stone dish for coins and a breathtaking view of the valley. There is a stone table with benches nearby, where you can stay for a while. Eat, drink and enjoy panoramic view before setting off. Peak Bezbog is located at an altitude of 2645 m. By the way, the highest closest peak is Polezhan. Climbing there is not recommended without studded shoes: the way passes near the cliff, which is especially dangerous in winter.


Sun sets early in winter. Plan your trip beforehand, don't let the darkness catch you in the mountains. The way back takes less time than in summer. Some parts of the path can be overcome by sliding (foam pad will be useful again). While sliding, hold walking sticks tight, otherwise you'll need to climb the slope again. On the next day you'll get a slight tan on a face.


In the winter Hizha Bezbog works as usual: opened around the clock. Cafe offers simple Bulgarian food and drinks. Bezbog Lake is covered with ice and many daredevils even cross it. On a cloudy day, climbing is not recommended. Firstly, because it could be too cold, and secondly, marvelous panorama will be hidden in the clouds. Some people go to the peak of Bezbog with a guide, but in our opinion this is absolutely unnecessary. If you wanna spend money to be safe — better buy the insurance for a day, price is the same.