How to get to Polezhan peak?

Starting point of the route is a village Dobrinishte. Further road passes along the mountain serpentine (2 km) to the chairlift. Dobrinishte lift works daily (all year round) from 8:30 am till 4:45 pm. Prices and detailed schedule can be found in the previous article. It's very important to keep track of time during the walk. If you'll late to the elevator, there are two possibilities: stay at the Bezbog hut (15-20 lv per night) or pay for the off-road taxi (can be quite expensive).

The height of Polezgan peak is 2850 m. Difficulty of the route is «average» (easier than Vihren peak), however, it gives quite exciting panorama of the Pirin mountains.

View on Bezbog hut and Bezbog lake

Polezgan peak on Google maps


Trail starts from the Bezbog hut (it's a last stop of chairlift). Guiding markers are three stripes «white-red-white» will lead you during the hiking route. Path runs along Bezbozhko Lake, followed by a rocky climb, leading into a picturesque trail with some shadow from juniper bushes. The middle of route is marked by a steep climb on a flat plain. It's a good place to stop for a while. A turn to Bezbog, another top, will be on your right. We advise you to visit it next time or on the way back.

Route signs are barely visible on the plain, so go directly to the peak Polezgan, which will be seen by this time. The final section of the route leads to the top across Small Polezhan peak (2820 m). It's windy and cool even on a sunny day.

Route marks to Polezhan peak

Polezgan mountain

Compared to Vihren, Polezgan top is almost never covered by clouds and offers a perfect view to the Pirin heights. Peak overlooks the valley leading to Sandanski, Dobrinishte village, south side of Todorka, Vihren and Dzgangal tops, Popovo and Polezgan lakes, Izvorite hut and many other nameless peaks.

Polezgan top itself is a long and fairly wide area, covered with broken granite rocks. Unfortunately it is impossible to lay down and rest, because the surface is too tough. There is a Bulgarian flag and a signboard, displays the height and a name of the peak. This spot is quite popular for selfies with a Pirin beer. Near the flag there is a stone «saucer», which stores coins, left by tourists. Luckily, the top area is big enough, to move away from noisy tourist groups and stay alone with breathtaking view.

Someone built a place for the long stay on mountain top. It reminds a huge nest, made of flat stones. So, tere is an opportunity to spend a safe night in tent, without been blown by wind.


Go down very carefully: some big rocks are moving, while the smalls are easy leave under the feet. Spectacular view on the valley make it difficult to concentrate on the trail. Waymarks aren’t everywhere, so look about stones pyramids. A total round trip takes 5-6 hours (leisurely pace). To catch the last lift you need to start returning from the peak in 2,5 hours before closing time (4:45 pm), so, not later than 2 pm.

Big and Small Polezhan peaks. The final part of the route

What do you'll need:

  1. Hat.
  2. Sunglasses.
  3. Drinking water. There are no sources of it on the route.
  4. Comfortable sneakers, or hiking shoes. A jacket with a long sleeve in summer. Windproof jacket and sweatpants for autumn and spring.
  5. Pirin beer. Can be bought in Bezbog hut, at the beginning of the trial.
  6. Coin, which can be left at the peak.

The route is simple, so a first aid kit, snacks and walking poles will not be needed.

Polezgan lake (Долно Полежанско езеро)

Main features

  • Summer is the best time for climbing on Polezhan Peak, mainly because, there is no need in special equipment or a guide.
  • Pelezhan Peak is the 4th highest, after Vihren top, Kutelo and Banski Suhodol in Pirin mountain range.
  • The old name of Polezgan peak is «Mangar Tepe» (Мангър тепе), which comes from Turkish word «mangar», what means «coin». Top of the mountain is covered with small flat stones, which looks like coins.
  • Polezgan peak is not such a popular place like Rila lakes or Vihren top, however, it is better to choose workday for the trip, rather than a weekend. Mainly, because the trail can be overcrowded.
  • There are already two gravestones on the route, so be careful.