All the truth about properties in Bansko (continue)

The previous article listed the main Bansko districts with its most important features. In addition, general property types were named, also the topic of poor maintenance problems were raised. This part will describe the issues of typical apts planning, specify the question of electricity supply, tells about «quality» of local realtors and lawyers services, answer the question of where any why the maintenance fee disappear.

4. Maintenance fee

Usually, the support fee is calculated according to a size of the apartment. The tax around 3 – 5 € / m2 is considered fine, 6 to 15 € / m2 — pretty expensive. There is a belief, that the high price depends on the availability of the SPA zone and the expenses on its maintenance, but in practice it's not always true. It is possible to pay 12 €/ м2 and have nothing except a greedy manager.

Imagine that you are own an apartment with a total area of 80m2, so you have to pay for the maintenance 960 € per year. If you sum up the amount of payments in a hotel with 1000 rooms, you'll get a pretty big sum — 960,000 €. About a million for each year. Where such amount of money could be spent in Bulgaria, when the average salary is 300 € per month. Surely, it goes straight to the maintenance manager’s pocket, who is refusing to fix the dripping tap, cause it «not include into maintenance fee». What a ridiculous situation! By the way, in buildings where the maintenance company owns the electricity meters, the support fee increases according to the needs and appetite of the maintenance manager. You can also be trapped by a low maintenance fee, which one day will increase rapidly.

Maintenance manager is behaving like an angry God

5. Electricity and water supply

Pretty often, the hotel developer owns a transformer booth and sells the electricity directly to all private apt owners, who had a misfortune to bought property in his building. Although, the private meters are installed, it's not belonged to the official federal electric company. This happens, but it's not legal! No one is allowed to sell the electricity in Bulgaria without a special government permission, it's a law. To know for sure who is the owner of the electricity supplement, take a photo of meter's number and show it in CEZ (a department of local government electricity supplier) in Razlog. Be careful and do not trust what realtor says or the maintenance manager or building owner. They can be on the one side. Be sure the developer / maintenance will disconnect your apartment from electricity, every time you do not agree with the increased support fee.

They connect hotel's common parts to the electrometer of private apt owners. Sometimes the management company rents out a part of the hotel's area for the shop, restaurant or laundry. As a rule, to the «brother-in-law», can you imagine how much water and electricity it needs?! In this case, their electricity and water bills are included to the bills of the private apartment owners.

To sum up, it must be said that the maintenance companies in Bansko are so f*cking bold, they may ask a private apt owner to pay abound 5 – 10 000 € as a non-refundable deposit, for the «future electricity and water consumption» (actually for nothing, just give them money). Mainly, because the maintenance manager needs cash for a new car / wedding / mortgage. Gypsies! You can hire a lawyer and sue, but the courts in Bulgaria are quite corrupt. All these facts, mentioned above are definitely illegal, but the municipality of Bansko and the regional authorities turn a blind eye to this and, surely, not for free.

One of the real estate agencies's showcase. «Sweet» prices for the «bitter» apartments

6. Realtors

There are too many of realtor's agencies in the streets of Bansko. Unfortunately, it works because people who bought property in Bansko, after a while, try to get rid of it. We have to warn you, that real estate agencies are have no any responsibility before the customer. The only thing they're going well is taking a deposit as a payment for their services (which exactly?!). As soon as a customer gave them a deposit, they are no longer interested in him or a seller, or whether the deal will be completed at all. Be careful, because the deposit will be keep by them in any situation. Local lowers who certify the deal, by the way, are also not responsible for their actions. No one checks the purity or legacy of the documents.

Usually, realtor are even not familiar with the properties, which they're offering. The whole agent's «work» is to take a key on the hotel's reception and open the door for you, glorifying the apartment with standard phrases. Moreover, agencies are mostly serving foreigners (Russians and English), and not interested in Bulgarians, because locals know the true prices, bargaining and do not want to overpay.

7. Construction features

Most of the apartments in Bansko were built and planned for the short stay. It means that if you'll come for a month or two (or even plan to live in Bansko) soon you'll become crazy because of tiny bathroom rooms, quite low ceilings, poor sound insulation and much more.

8. Investment

Buying a property in Bansko as an investment is a bad idea. Mainly, because most of the buildings are made “of crap” and without proper care it decays extremely fast.


Summarizing the above, we would like to give advice for those who still interested in Bansko property: «do not buy». Why? Because with money from the support fee you can rent a good hotel in Bansko with breakfast and a SPA center during a whole week or even two. Moreover, you wouldn't worry about the spent water and electricity bills (it could be an additional 500 €). Also, you'll not lose your time on repairing or cleaning the apartment during the vacation. And most important, you'll avoid meaningless disputes with the management company and shrink from possible extra fees. Each property in Bansko has its drawbacks, if you are offered a «perfect complex», it's a reason to be suspicious, because there are none in Bansko.

The amount of maintenance fee will be enough to book a good hotel for the vacation

If after everything you’ve read, a property in Bansko still interests you, here are some customer's tips:

  • First of all, check the electricity meter. Make a photo of it and ask in CEZ if it's an official electricity supplier. If the electricity is sold by maintenance company or someone else — run (because it's a trap)!!!
  • Come to the reception of the complex, which interested you and simply ask them if there any apts for sale. This tip can save you 5–10 000 € of realtor fee (charging for nothing, by the way).
  • Do not believe realtors, they will say anything to sell, they are not take any responsibility.
  • Remember that north side windows will increase your electricity bill in cold period in 2-3 times.
  • Check the property during the low season, rent it, if there is a possibility or even live for some time.
  • Check the Act 16 for building.
  • Talk to people who are already living there.
  • Remember that pleasant view on the pool, in summer could be a source of noise.