Banya mineral pools review

Ski season is coming to Bansko, so we decided to tell you about relaxing mineral pools nearby. The closest place is Banya village. It located at southwestern Bulgaria, beside Pirin mountain range in 10 minutes from Bansko. Local legend says, that during the ancient times Roman warriors were also recovering here. Nowadays Banya's springs are popular among skiers and snowboarders.

There are more than 10 mineral pools in Banya. This article will give an overview for all of them, including prices, working hours, location, advantages and disadvantages. In conclusion, results will be summarized in a table. Banya means «a bath», by the way.

Hot mineral springs on a map, Banya village

1. Hot Springs

This SPA center is located at the Hot Springs Medical & Spa hotel. This place was opened just a year ago (in 2018) and neither local realities no Bulgarian management still haven't a negative effect on it, yet. SPA area is very large, however, during the high season it could be crowded. SPA zone is divided into two parts. The first part: sauna 80° (with a lovely illumination), sauna 90° (gives a forest view), sauna 60°, hammam, steam sauna, salt room, ice room, showers, tepidarium (warm stone beds). Unfortunately or fortunately, the entrance is prohibited for children under 14 years. The second part contains indoor and outdoor pools with warm mineral water. Massage and therapy are available at additional cost.

Indoor pool and a fancy sauna at Hot Springs

There is a cafe, which can be visited without leaving the SPA area, prices are reasonable. The menu includes soups, salads and main dishes. Alcohol drinks are also offered, it can be taken to the pool in a plastic cup. Water and ice are offered for free. The locker room is spacious, there are 3 showers (with shampoo) and hair dryers. Outside guests are given a blue magnetic bracelet as a key for the locker (just put against the keyhole). In general, everything is quite beautiful and modern, but during the high season could be not clean enough. Minuses. There are no toilets in SPA zone, an unpleasant smell in the showers as a result. If the hotel is fully booked, SPA is closed for outside guests. The price is very high for the local standards.

Price: 45 BGN (adults), 30 BGN (children). One towel is included, bathrobe 10 BGN.
Working hours: 08:00 – 20:00
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, «Vtora» st. 43 / +088 833 7337

2. Roman Bath

SPA is located at the Thermal SPA Roman Bath hotel. There is a large indoor mineral pool «ellipse», steam sauna, herbal sauna, ice room, japanese style wooden barrels with hot water, jacuzzi. Locker room is spacious, it has showers, storage boxes and several hairdryers. Prepacked shampoo and shower gel are included in price. The hotel itself is quite old, but in the SPA area was renovated several years ago. There is a fountain with free water. Massage is available for an extra fee. Minuses. The pool area is quite muggy, especially during the high season, when chlorine is added to the water. SPA area is closed for outside guests if the hotel is full.

Mineral pool and an ice room

Price: 30 BGN (adults), 20 BGN (children). Bathrobe 4 BGN.
Working hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, Thermal SPA hotel «Roman Bath» / +359 889 005566

3. Regnum

This SPA center belongs to Regnum hotel, which located in Bansko. It was opened in 2018, so all the facilities are completely new. There are several mineral pools with different temperatures, hot tube and a shallow children pool. All the pools are located outdoor. Bar and cafe are focusing on the healthy food. There are also steam and sauna, which can be visited for additional price — 10 BGN.

Hotel Regnum provides a free shuttle to Regnum SPA

Price: 20 BGN (adults), 10 BGN (children). Bathrobe 5 BGN, towel 5 BGN, slippers 2 BGN.
Working hours: 10:00 – 19:00. The day off is Tuesday.
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, «Koneshitsa» str. 1 / +0800 18 089

4. Villa Victoria

SPA center belongs to a small hotel Villa Victoria Thermal Spa. This complex is also new, opened in 2017. There are small pool with warm mineral water, small children's pool and a hot tub. All the facilities are located outdoor. The place is new and inexpensive, so it is always crowded. The main disadvantage is the joint locker room for men and women. The SPA center is open until late and beautifully illuminated at night. Access to the sauna, steam room and a salt room is for extra fee, 10 BGN. The hotel has a cafe with plain local food.

Price: 10 BGN
Working hours: 8:00 – 12:00
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, Treta str. 15 / +088 912 4189

5. Izgreva

The name of the complex is translating from Bulgarian language as «a sunrise». Large pool is warm, two others are small and hot. This place is decorated in traditional rural style. The bottom of the main pool is covered with stones. There is also a cafe on the territory, drinks can be taken to the pool area in plastic. Menu is simple and cheap. Guests are entertained by local radio. During the winter season, due to the big amount of tourists, the water can be quite dirty, especially in the evening. It also should be noted, that in 1-2 hours, before closing hot water flow is shut off and the pool starts cooling down.

The main disadvantage of this place is a tiny women changing room with an incredibly low ceiling. Here’s even a queue in winter season. Unfortunately, there are no lockers. The showers are located outdoor and disconnected in winter. It is allowed to drink and smoke sitting directly in the water and many of the visitors are doing so.

Price: 10 BGN. You can buy a «ticket» for 10 visits and receive a 20% discount.
Working hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, Prva str. 1 / +088 954 4345

6. Aspa Villa

SPA is located at the Villa Aspa hotel. Pool is presented as one of the hottest, however, in the winter it's quite cool. The pool is quite small for such a large hotel, so during the high season it is always full of guests. Broken road and a view on abandoned building are among the other minuses.

Price: 10 BGN
Working hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Payment: cash, card
Address: Banya, Neophyt Rilski str. 49 / +087 994 9966

7. Club Mineral 56

Small outdoor pool at the mini-hotel. On weekends it's closed for outdoor guests, mainly because the pool is quite tiny and it won't be enough space for everyone.

Price: 5 BGN
Working hours: 8.30 – 20.00
Address: Banya, Prva str. 29 / +0899 19 77 59

Next 2 places are mentioned only for the informational purposes, as we believe, that these objects are not worth the attention of our readers, as its level of cleanliness and service is very low.

8. Vita Springs

SPA center at the Vita Springs apart hotel. Just an old badly maintained place. An indoor pool is over chlorinated, bottom covered with a slippery layer of slime. Cold drops of condensate are falling directly to the heads of guests from the ceiling. Additionally, Vita Springs offers a sauna with centuries-old mud under the benches. The steam room, unfortunately, is also not clean. The price is higher than it have to be, probably they're collecting money for the repairs, which has to be done a long time ago. Hotel located on the left side of the road at the entrance to Banya. Why not recommended: unsanitary conditions.

Price: 12 BGN
Working hours: 10.00 – 20.00
Web-site: No

9. Municipal public pool

Banya also has a large mineral public pool, decorated in the Soviet style. Official price is 5 BGN, however, it's possible bargain to 1 BGN. Pool works only in summer, while in winter it looks like a decoration for the apocalyptic horror film. This place is located near the hotel Aspa Villa. Why not recommended: ultra low price attracts locals with a low sanitary responsibility (gypsies).

1. Hot Springs 45 BGN LARGE
indoor and outdoor pools,
jacuzzi, salt and ice room, hammam, steam room
Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel
2. Roman Bath 30 BGN LARGE
indoor pool, herbal and steam saunas,
ice room, wooden barrels
Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath
3. Regnum 20 BGN MEDIUM
outdoor pool, children's pool, jacuzzi, hot tube
Sauna + steam (extra 10 BGN)
Regnum Banya Thermal
4. Villa Victoria 10 BGN MEDIUM
indoor pool, children's pool, jacuzzi
Villa Victoria Thermal Spa
5. Izgreva 10 BGN MEDIUM
indoor pool, hot tube, children's pool
Mini hotel Izgreva
6. Villa Aspa 10 BGN MEDIUM
indoor pool, hot tube, children's pool
мелкий детский бассейн
Spa Hotel Villa Aspa
7. Mineral 56° 5 BGN SMALL
indoor pool Гостевой дом
Club Mineral 56°


So, we found out that the price for SPA in Banya is depends on the maintenance quality of mineral spring. Also had to be mentioned that during high season, prices can slightly increase.

Banya stands on a hot mineral spring, so many of the villagers have an opportunity to bring the water directly into their houses. Some of them making guest houses from their homes, providing the access to small mineral pool. The maintenance in such place can be on a quite low level. Villa Leventy, Aquilon Residence & Spa, Carpe Diem, Banya Guest Rooms 23 — mini hotels, suitable mainly for low-budget stay, therefore, we didn't include it in our list.

If we missed something, please write the comment.