Black Friday in Bulgaria 2019

Last year we reviewed the shops, participating in Black Friday promotion in Bulgaria. This year is no exception, and we prepared a list of stores, where you can get some discounts in November 2019.

The practice of «Black Friday» sales came to Bulgaria from neighboring European countries. This is not only a way of sales stimulation during the off season, but also an opportunity to get rid of the old collections and a possibility to please customers with low prices as well. So, let's see how things are on Black Friday in Bulgaria.

Furniture and Home Accessories

  • IKEA store, last year held a small discount campaign «Bag Friday» (for towels and pillowcases mostly), unfortunately, this time trey are not involved into Black Friday. However, 70% discount is offered for the «Last items» / «Последни бройки» from 11 till 24 of November. More
  • H&M Home offers a discount on 210 articles, the promotion is untitled. More
  • Mebelino, an online store of Bulgarian furniture is holding a discount promotion from 15 to 28 of November «Early Black Friday» / «Подранил черен петък». More
  • Vivre, Romanian furniture and accessories online store is offering 70% discounts, during the «Black Days» campaign, from 18 to 21 of November. More
  • Topshop gives a 70% discount for kitchenware, bedding and home electronics, till November 29. More
  • Meblik children's furniture store offers a 17% discount for the purchases over 500 BGN, from November 16 to December 1. More


  • A chain of cosmetic shop Lilly gives a discount up to 50% for a whole month. Bulgarian athlete Katrin Taseva is presented as a face of the «Black November» advertising campaign. More
  • Parfimo online store offers discounts on perfumes and cosmetics up to 70%. More
  • Notino shop lowers prices by 15%. More
  • DM cosmetics and household store are not participating.
  • Yves Rocher, Sephora, BodyShop and Douglas Rivoli unfortunately are not offering any discounts.

Bulgarian gymnast Catherine Taseva in tandem with Lilly store

Gadgets and Electronics

  • iStyle store (an official representative Apple in Bulgaria) offers Black Friday's discounts from 22 to 25 of November, but only on MacBook Pro 15 ". More
  • A consumer electronics store Technomarket holds a discount promotion «А month of shocking offers»/ «БАШ месецът на офертите», from 1 to 30 of November. More
  • А1 mobile operator gives a discount up to 50% on the gadgets, from 11 to 30 of November.More
  • Technopolis offers a discount from November 1 to November 21, mainly on TVs. More
  • Зора offers no discounts.

Offers from iStyle and Technomarket

Clothing & Shoes

  • H&M discounts prices for more than 8600 items. More
  • Zara holds the «Last Week» / «Последна седмица» promotion. On women's and men's collection.
  • Lingerie shop Oysho offers a 30% discount. More
  • Bershka, Pull&bear, Forever21, Kenvelo, Andrews.
  • Tendenz and Deichmann gets rid of the summer collection with 50% discount.
  • Massimodutti, Mango, Benetton offers no discounts.


  • Three giants of sports fashion Adidas, Puma, Reebok are not taking part in November sales.
  • Decathlon holds a small sale of equipment for children and adults «A month of hiking» / «Преходи спорт на месеца». More
  • Sportdepot, Sportvision and Intersport are getting rid of summer collection without any special promotion name.

Offers from Tendenz, H&M и Zara


  • Optics stores Grand Optics, Joy Optics and Opticlasa offers a discount 70% for sunglasses, frames, glasses and lenses, from 15 to 30 of November. More.
  • Timer online store offers a 40% discount on watches of famous brands Armani, Diesel, DKNY, Fossil, Tissot. Hope it's original. More.
  • Sex Shop Cupidon gives a discount until November 29th. Serious discounts on serious toys. More
  • Kids' online store offering up to 50%, from 21 to 29 of November. The number of promo items is more than 3000.
  • online hub, combining other online stores, will offer discounts on November 22. They even developed an application for this promotion. More

Supermarkets and restaurants

At the end of November, large chains like Metro, Lidl and Billa are focusing on sales, related to Bulgarian Christmas or Koleda (celebrated 25 of December), missing Black Friday promotions. Moreover, neither local nor international restaurants aren't offering any special discounts this time. Dunkindonuts, Starbucks, Сostacoffee, which held Halloween this year, also ignored Black Friday.


According to the previous year, Bulgarian Black Friday dates went far beyond the single day. Some stores were offering promotions at the beginning of November, while the others are giving discounts during the whole month. However, international fashion brands, year after year, are using Black Friday as an opportunity to get rid of the summer collection. Whereas, many local Bulgarian brands are hold formal sales (5–10%) just to remind about themselves.

Summarizing, we have to say that Bulgaria is definitely not that type of country for expecting to buy a high quality pret-a-porter garment or the latest model of fashionable electronics with an 80% discount. Moreover, we found out that nobody is actually cared that official date for Black Friday is November 29.

If you have something to add to our list, please, leave a comment.